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Raid tutoring

Struggling to find a team?

Teacher works with you to receive a better understanding of each of the duties and roles in TOB and COX.
They will take you through an in-depth explanation of the rooms, providing useful tips, and tricks in order to become proficient in the raids.


Login Raids

Watch us live

You watch us LIVE while we do it for you.
You keep all the loot.
Prices may vary depending on gear.
All prices include buying raid scouts, so we can finish the ticket faster.


Login Ironman Pvming

You stand alone btw

Looking to unlock the Blade of saeldor? Perhaps the blowpipe from Zulrah or the illusive Elysian spirit shield from Corp? Count on us to help you achieve your goals btw.

infernal cape

Infernal Cape

Join the Elite

Tired of wasting supplies? Too nervous to make it past the harder waves? Whatever the reason is, it's time to say goodbye to the cheesecape.


Pet hunting

Feeling lonely?

Looking for the Olmlet? How about dusk? Maybe even the Mole?
Whatever friend you're looking for, we're here to help you get him!


Skilling & Questing

Efficient execution

Tired of the grind? Going for Max cape? Our team is full of gamers. Most of us are maxed and kind of miss the questing and skilling aspect of the game. Let us help you achieve those goals.


Last man standing

PvP domination

Looking to get the rune pouch? Maybe you're interested in the swift blade or making some money as an ironman?
We dominate the lands of PvP.


Mini Games

Your adventure begins here

Ready to hunt the penance queen or help the void knights? No? Well we'll take care of that for you!


Champions cape

Face all champions

Camping 10,000 imps, giants, goblins sounds like fun to you too doesn't it? We've done it quite a few times, we don't mind!

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