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Account Access - Terms of Service 



The following document will hereby be referred to as “ToS”. The purpose of this TOS is to describe the relationship between you, hereby referred to as client>, and the service provider PvM Services, hereby referred to as “PvM Services”. Additionally, the customer may be referred to as “you” and PvM Services as “we”. The term "Owner/Founder". Refers to the @Founder's of PvM Services.


This TOS does not constitute explicit or an implied guarantee of an agreement or contract between the customer and PvM Services. After agreement of services to be rendered is made, any violation of these ToS are ground for the forfeit of all service expectations, both complete and unfinished, with no expectation of reconciliation by the customer. As PvM Services must access your account for services rendered, there are both explicit and implied risks with these services. While Jagex Mod’s have publicly stated they do not pursue account sharing violations, it is still against the Old School Runescape ToS to share accounts. With this service comes the inherent risk of receiving a temporary or permanent ban from Jagex. PvM Services claims no responsibility, both explicit and implied, to the actions of Jagex that may result in a ban or similar penalty to your account. All communication will take place inside your ticket. Your ticket will be saved indefinitely, and a copy will be sent to your Direct Messages via Discord when the order is closed. If information is sensitive such as your login details, this information will be sent via Direct Message to the Owners/Head Staff. Only send this information via Direct Message once we have confirmed within your ticket that you are speaking with us via Direct message.

Account Access 


  • It is required that you change your password prior to giving PvM Services access to your account and after services have been rendered finished. This helps protect your account by giving PvM Services a unique password that has not been used by you before. 2・In order to allow our workers to efficiently complete your order, you may not log in at any time your order is active or in progress. If you must log into your account for extenuating circumstances, please contact the managers inside your ticket so that we may communicate that to our workers and make adjustments as deemed necessary. 3・Your password may not be changed during this service. If you must change your password for extenuating circumstances, please contact the managers inside your ticket so that we may communicate that to our workers and make adjustments as deemed necessary.



  • All payment for services to render must be paid upfront to Managers before your order is started. 2・Once we have started your order, no refunds will be granted except under extenuating circumstances deemed appropriate only by the Founders of PvM Services. 3・PvM Services has the right to refuse orders, or refund orders for any reason deemed fit by the Admins of PvM Services. 4・If requested we refund 80% of the remaining value, however, it requires the approval of the Founders of PvM Services. (It does not matter if it is an order or just a wallet. Once you pay this rule applies.) 5・If you decide to use the remaining value for another service 100% will be refunded. 6・If a refund is requested we only refund in OSRS GP. Exceptions are only made with the Founders agreeing to it or a prior agreement made in the ticket Inherent, implied, and explicit risks

  • We are not responsible for any bans, mutes, or penalties that occur to the account while we have access to your account, or anytime thereafter. 2・We are not responsible for Hardcore Iron Man deaths under ANY circumstances. 3・PvM Services assumes no responsibility for any circumstances that have not been mentioned in this ToS regarding your OSRS account.

Account Safety 


  1. Change password

  2. Change bank pin (if we need/needed it)

  3. Check your linked accounts page (just to make sure everything is normal)

  4. Remove any unnecessary wealth from your account and activate a bank pin on your account.

  5. We are not liable for any loss of items, coins, or related materials above the required deposit.


Not following these will result in getting only the booster's deposit, which might not cover all losses.

General Information

1・While PvM Services will do their best to communicate any information and progress that is necessary, please allow a reasonable amount of time for these requests to be fulfilled. 2・If your account becomes inaccessible for any reason out of your or PvM Services’ control during the service, a partial refund will be rendered if deemed fit the Founder's. 3・If the ToS are broken in any way by you, the customer, PvM Services reserves the right to refuse you a refund and cancel all in-progress orders. 4・PvM Services requests that both parties treat each other with respect. PvM Services reserves the right to cancel your order at any time for any reason deemed fit by the Founders.


Schedule Times - NO SHOW

For any service (for example Infernal or Max Efficiency) that includes setting up a time with one of our boosters, you will be charged accordingly if you don't show up to said date and time. If you let us know via Discord that you won't be able to make the time you will not be charged if it is a reasonable timeframe. (~45min) 

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