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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got question's; we've got answers. 

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  1. What payment methods do you accept? 

    We accept OSRS gp as payment. Other payment methods such as paypal, interac and visa are reserved for our trusted members. We offer these methods on our discord


  2. Can I pay with PayPal?

    If you are a verified customer we have no problem opening this method up to you. If you are first time customer we may require additional verification such as paypal and confirmation of authorization for payment to PVMServices


  3. What are your services?

    We provide in game skilling on your account. We also get KC's for boss. We teach TOB. You can pay your way through fast KC's. We provide Infernal Cape Services. We have a solution for all your OSRS PVM needs. 


  4. What methods can I use to get an Infernal Cape?

    We recommend using a software such as Parsec or Teamviewer to allow our employee to complete it on your computer. We also provide login-in via VPN Infernal Cape Service to get you that cape from Zuk


  5. I dont have a good account can you complete an infernal cape on it?

    No problem, our employees are some of the best players in the world that have mastered tick eating, and prayer flicking through the entire Inferno Minigame; we can accomodate any request you might have. 


  6. What is the ban rate?

    Since we have started our service we have not had 1 cape removed. Most of our customer like the ease of VPN


  7. How can I trust you with my account?

    We do hundreds of thousands of dollars in business every month. Please check out our reviews. Our employees are required to make a deposir equal or greater than your bank value in order to take on your work order. A breach of terms will result in forfeiture of their deposit. We take pride in making sure your account is safe. 


  8. What Skilling service training methods do you use?

    We use the method you specify, we will also suggest better alternatives if it is apropriate. All skilling services are done by hand. 


  9. Are skilling and PVM services bannable?

    None of our users have ever received a ban while using our service.


  10. Who keeps the loot?

    The customer keeps the loot unless specified. All PVM content is FFA


  11. Will you train an account to Max?

    What about get pets on it? We will max your account through prices in our Skilling Services section. We can hunt for your Pets! we have some really cool drop logs in our discord. 


  12. How can I make an order with you?

    You can pay through OSRS GP and BTC or other payment methods on our discord. Check out our How to Guide here 

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