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OldSchool Runescape TOB Boosts; Iron Man Carries; TOB Pet Hunting

TOB KC's for as low as 8m

*OSRS GP Accepted

Theatre of Blood

Conquer! Verzik Vitur's greatest challenge

Learning TOB without a good team can be hard, we've taken the stress out of that. Come boost your way through KC's while learning from some of the leaders in the Theatre. Our boosters and teachers are fluent in english and communicate effectively to ensure you are learning during your time. Also offering regular TOB boosts for those who are looking to secure quick KCs with a fast and effective team. We can get you that !pb your friends couldnt.



Need stamina's, KC's in hard mode, Dusted Pet? Come chat with us in our discord or learn more about our PVM boosts here 

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Account Safety

We know this is on your mind, so we have taken all reasonable steps to ensure that you are at peace while we help achieve your account goals.


VPN, Teamviewer, or Parsec are some of the lengths we go to ensure your account safety. Please visit our Account Safety Page to learn more


Affordable and Fair​

We know what we offer and we are not afraid to boast about it. Our prices are reasonable, fair and reflect the extra efforts taken to ensure your peace of mind. For our most recent prices, please check our discord


Clear Communication

You will always have access to our staff and workers for questions, 24/7; no questions asked. We want to make sure our service is transparrent. Please feel free to reach out to us on our Discord


Old School Runescape's toughest content can be conquered by our expert capers. 

We provide infernal cape services via Parsec and VPN. You can also watch us complete the cape live.

OSRS Skilling

Skilling Services for Old School Runescape. All prices in OSRS GP. 



Hunting for a Pet? looking for someone to login and complete the KC so you can finish your slayer task?

We've got you converted. 

PVM GWD Boosts

TOB KC? Ironman COX Solos? We've got you covered. For all your PVM kc, pet hunting and collections requirement, we've got a deal that will work for you.

OSRS is a grind at the best of times; come achieve your 99 or 200M all goals with us. Check out our amazing skill levelling prices.


Gaming Accessories

Why Us

There are many service providers out in this market. We pride ourselves on ensuring professional and transparent service. We work hard to validate all our worders are done efficiently and safely.

Our workers are post max players going for 200m all, they are leaders in PVM clans and teachers in Raids Discords. We hire the best, so you'll keep coming back. 



We accept payment in OSRS gold or BTC. Paypal, Visa, and other methods are reserved for our trusted clients and can be requested in our discord.

We only trade gold on high-level accounts to make sure client safety. 

Once you have made your payment to our service, you are issued a service wallet which is then funded with the amount you have deposited. You can then use the funds in your wallet to order services as you please. 

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